Monsignor Fraser College Alternative opened in October 1975 to respond to the needs of adult learners seeking a grade 8 standing and was named in honour of the founder of the Scarborough Foreign Mission Society.  Since then Monsignor Fraser College has broadened its mandate and now provides an alternative to the traditional school setting for high school students and for adults.

Monsignor Fraser College offers high school credits to three distinct age groups:  16-18 through the Alternative Program, 18-20 in the Adult Day School Program, ad Over 21 through the Continuing Education Program.  We presently have six locations throughout the city with four Alternative, three "18-20" and two "Over 21" programs.  Monsignor Fraser College also offers a Transition Resource Co-operative Education program for students 18-20 with special needs.  Our programs are frequently reviewed and updated to meet the changing needs of our students.