Fraser Horseshoe Valley Treetop Trekking Adventure Excursion

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017 Monsignor Fraser College took 100 students to Horseshoe Valley for the Treetop Trekking adventure excursion. The trip included a bus ride there and back, all equipment, a 30 minute lesson, the use of the entire facility for the day and a fabulous BBQ lunch. Thanks to the Ministry's very generous Outdoor Education Grant, the trip was absolutely free for all students that attended. Students zip lined across the property at high speeds, traversed across wires and obstacles while suspended 100 feet in the air from treetop to treetop and all simply had a fantastic time. Thank you to all the students and staff that attended and we look forward to returning once again next year. Author: Lou Piacentini Visuals: Jelena Balic