Edible Gardens at Midland Campus (18-21 and Over 21 programs)


Monsignor Fraser (Midland campus) has successfully obtained a US$2000 Edible Garden Grant from Whole Kids Foundation for a proposal of setting up 4 feet by 8 feet raised beds of edible gardens on school ground! The proposal detailed how the edible garden will be integrated into various subjects such as English and Science. Vice Principal Kathleen Wong, English teacher Bruno Tesolin (18-21 program), and Science teacher Reetha Maliakkal (Over 21 year old program) are all excited to involve students from both programs to have the gardens set up and have produce harvested from the garden soon! (Photo above - all three holding onto a grant approval letter and a cheque of US$2000 from Whole Kids Foundation. Photo below - the edible gardens all set up!)


On May 29, 2017 (Mon), Reetha’s Science students (over 21 program) listening attentively to the instructions of Marc Green, from The Backyard Urban Farm Company, on how to put the raised beds together



Students using an edging tool to trace the edge of the raised beds

Students stapling landscape cloth onto the inside of the raised bed so that the soil will remain inside the raised bed.


Students using edging tool to cut the ground that will be covered by the raised beds into 1-ft by 1-ft squares for easy removal of the top layer of the grass (sod removal).


Many hands make work light. Students taking turns to remove sod so as to prepare the ground for the edible garden!

Four cubic yards of soil were carried over from the parking lot to fill the raised beds up. Hard working and determined students got the job done!

Three beautiful 4-ft by 8-ft raised beds were set up by 4:30pm on May 29, 2017 (Mon)!

Excellent team effort!!!!

God blessed us with a sunny hour in between rain on May 31, 2017 (Wed). That was just enough time for us to put the bedding plants into the raised beds.

We now have a variety of edible greens in our edible garden, e.g. herbs, eggplant, kale, pepper, basil, etc…

We are all looking forward to having a garden party to celebrate our harvest before the end of the school year!