Student Life at Fraser


Our primary goal at Monsignor Fraser College is to make sure that each student has the opportunity to earn their high school credits and graduate with an OSSD or OSSC in a supportive and caring environment. During an average day at Monsignor Fraser College, you can expect to interact with caring teachers and support staff as well as learn in classrooms designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need.


However, we also believe that making connections with peers and experiencing something new is also important to the learning process and in life in general. There are many different events and activities offered throughout the year that are designed to give all of our students the opportunity to engage with peers and staff in a different setting. Here are some highlights.


Annual Ski Trip

Each January, students across all campuses can journey out to Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or tubing. Regardless of experience or skill level, all students have the chance to experience the fun side of Canadian winters in the perfect setting.

Annual Skating Trip

Toronto's City Hall is the backdrop for the annual skating trip, which gives students the opportunity to sip hot chocolate and enjoy the crisp air as they glide past the iconic Toronto sign. The journey to City Hall also gives students the opportunity to take in the extravagant holiday store front displays along Bloor Street.

Annual Treetop Trekking Trip

We return to Horseshoe Valley to connect with nature in a different way when the weather starts to warm up. Students are given the opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective, high up in the trees. This trip encourages all students to work together as they make their way from one tree to another and then enjoy the cool breeze as you zip line back to the ground.